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On September 20, 2018, we Puerto Ricans remember the first anniversary of the most devastating hurricane to hit our country in modern history. As result, I have written a poem to honor the victims, and celebrate the resilience of its people.


Rumour said that at the eve of her arrival,

The world they knew, would be forever altered.

Some said, "That is just hearsay,"

Some said, "I'd rather be aware, of the indubitable truth."

But now after her passage, it all became so clear,

The sinister way of her intentions.

And how a noble, christian name could produce such despair? 

I asked myself, as well as them.

It was Maria's swing of her hips, said injured Jose,

The vile tone of her voice, said Doña Isabel,

The flashing of the body in the oscillation of her skirt

that left a path of an ill reputation.

And ultimately, a full scale distress.

Rising from chaos constitutes a new occupation,

In the wake of a new, progressive nation.

A baby girl named Maria was born last night,

People in the past thought of this as a blessing in disguise,

An oasis of hope in times of drought.

-Daren Flores September 2018

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