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Vera's Midnight Travels

A charming, imaginative picture book based on the life of pioneering astronomer, Vera Rubin, and how she became interested in Space in the first place. 

"Imagination can take you everywhere," is the phrase that sent curious little Vera on an amazing adventure throughout Space. In the company of a flying balloon, Vera explores Space, learns science facts, and helps a family of aliens find their way, unexpectedly ending in a life changing experience.


See, with little Vera, where your imagination can take you to.


Hold on tight!.....

Vera's Midnight Travels

By Daren Flores

Black Smartphone








Mickey Thinks About A Box

Coming from a different country was a bit of  a challenge for Mikey. He talks different, acts different, and does things differently. But for Mikey-who loves science-all these differences come with its own perks.

A real life story about a boy who's early interests led him to change the world.

Book no.1
Book no.2
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